Moda Health HSA Plan

Health savings account (HSA) plan offers lower insurance premiums through a tax advantaged and high-deductible health plan.

Be Savvy Plan

  • $5,250 individual/$10,500 family deductible
  • In-network preventive care at 100%, deductible waived
  • 40% in-network benefit after deductible
  • 50% prescription benefit after deductible

Individual deductible must be met for insured only plan, and family deductible must be met on HSA plans if enrolled with dependents, before plan pays benefits other than preventive care.


Use HSA tax-free dollars to pay for:

  • Covered medical expenses to help satisfy your deductible
  • Your coinsurance for medical expenses (after deductible is met)
  • Qualified medical expenses that may not be covered by your plan


  • Contributions are made on a taxadvantaged basis
  • Any unused funds carry over from year to year and grow tax-deferred
  • When used to pay for qualified medical expenses, funds can be withdrawn tax-free